True Flip: A blockchain based lottery

true flip.jpg

I have been watching lottery and gambling sites very closely due to my freelance job for the last couple of years. I remember hundereds of sites and projects in this period. Most of these sites did´t last long as they turned out to be a scam, some of them simply stopped the service, and a few left ones can´t get enough players as the community can´t tottally trust them.

Finally, there is a lottery site where you can try your luck without being worried. It is called True Flip. What makes this project so special is that like every other decentralized system, you do not need to trust a third party. It is transparent, open source blockchain lottery. I could go more into details and show the algorithm, but i know most of you whether don´t know much about the basics of the system or read enough in the past to find it boring. In case you want to read more about it, please visit Whitepaper page to check it out. Continue reading “True Flip: A blockchain based lottery”