Orocrypt – Digitized Precious Metals on the Ethereum Blockchain

Since the first money created, beginning of the  world economics , gold always be valued and keep the importance on economics. Nowadays its become more important, cause it shows the countries economical powers. Its not a just a jewelery item, its also shows power of the economics.

The suppy of gold  is around 4,000 ton per year now(average of last 10 years) Total mine supply,which is the sum of mine production and net producer hedging ,accounts for two-thirds of total supply. Recycled gold accounts for the remaining third.
Because of gold cant indestructible, every year  it’s becoming more. Since from the beginning nearly all of the mined gold still on use. At 2015 total supply of gold is 186,700 tons. Most of it used,melted down and reused. So recycling of gold is very important part of gold market dynamics. Continue reading “Orocrypt – Digitized Precious Metals on the Ethereum Blockchain”