Edgeless %0 House Edge %100 Transparent Online Casino

Have you ever played on online casino?

Nowadays we have 2 kind of online casinos. Classic online casinos which has big house edges ( up to 5 to 10%) also deposits and withdrawals
are so hard. Especially withdrawals takes sometimes over a week. Also they are not transparent.

Than with cryptocurrencies we start to see 2nd type of online casinos with that house edges went down 1% even lower. Also deposit and withdrawals are so fast. But also this casinos are not transparent. Now its new Era!

With Ethereum smart contract we have a casino fully transparent, so fast deposits and withdrawals and house edge 0%(yes its 0%) and
itsDecentralized. Its EDGELESS CASINO. And now you have chance for be a partner be a shareholder for this casino tru Edgeless.io
40% of profit will go to Edgeless Prize Pool. 

There is special lottery game on this pool and shareholderscan use EDG tokens for get this prize.
Edgeless casino 100% transparent so there is no cheat no bullshit. Cause its under Ethereum smart contract. You cant effect this from the outside. Continue reading “Edgeless %0 House Edge %100 Transparent Online Casino”