Patientory, New Era on Healthcare

Patientory is the solutions for healthcare which one powered with blockchain technology. Its using ethereum smart contract tech. So it’s the first ethereum smart contract on health sector.

Most of us waits on hospitals cause of hospital systems. Sometimes they are broken sometimes systems works very hard.But think how do you think if our database will be on decentralize smart contracts? Whenever you need its just under your hand?

Hospitals have database about our reports,receipts and our health results. But we don’t know how secure our info’s on this hospitals. With the blockchain tech, using the smart contracts now they can keep our database more secure and whenever someone needs they can reach. Between patient and doctor its now much secure and more active.

With Patientory Platform, between Doctors, nurses and patient there will be an active communication infrastructure will build. System crashes will not effect on this system cause its under blockchain. So its more faster and more secure than nowadays system and you can reach all your infos at where ever you want.

But if you think what is Patientory? And how we do know its secure and how they going to do that?
First of all Patientory is a company incorporated in Delaware, United States under the name PATIENTORY, INC. (Company Number, 5921117). Their headquartes in city of Atlanta, Georgia. They are already working on healthcare industry with 40 years combined experience building and growing healthcare technology companies .And now they are working on their system on ethereum smart contracts.

Patientory will use their infrastructure and for the payments they will use PTOY tokens. PTOY tokens which is undername “PTY”. With PTOY tokens, users will be able to use the network to rent information storage space, and smart payment contracts. And During crowdsale you can buy PTY tokens with ETH. Platform designed to accept ETH. Its decentralized platform and instead of some companies attend this crowdfunding everyone can attend with ethereum. So if you would like to attend this incredible new era on healthcare industry, you need an ethereum address. And private key should be keeping by just you. For the keeping tokens don’t forget to backed up private key and wallet files.

During the crowdsale all investments will use for platform developments and costs.

Tokens pre sale will start may 31st so its just started and it will be finish at 28th of June. And for now 1 Eth= 2030.77 PTOY now rhere is 20% bonus the first 10 days/10% bonus the next 10 days its 0% . Minimum fund milestone is 5,000 eth and its already reached. There will be total 70,000,000 PTOY token. So don’t be late for this successful project.

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