Matchpool Connecting People ICO Starts March 25th

What is Matchpool? I will try to explain as easy as I can. Nowadays there is a lot of dating sites and apps on live. But its hard to reach right person on this sites and applications. But on Matchpool its different. Matchpool is a matching pool which is created by users and also could create their own group pools. It creates connections between users. By this way you can create pools with and age same interest and location limits. So when you join on pool, you already know what type of people is in this group.
Users can invite people to their pools. With the same interest this users can create dates, meetings and create new connections with new people. Even except dating you can use this pools for selling or getting ideas from other people. Rules on pools can created by user who creates the pool.
Imagine a group age between 25-35. On a specific city and has common interests. Isn’t it sound exiting?
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Matchpool – İnsanları Birbirine Bağlar – ICO 25 Mart’ta

Matchpool nedir?
Matchpoolu bir eşleştirme havuzu olarak tanımlayabiliriz. Kullanıcılar kendi havuzlarını oluşturabilecek ve havuza
kendi gruplarını topluluk üyelerini davet edebilecekler ve eşleştirme odaklı bir ödül sistemi mevcut olacaktır.

Kullanıcılar kendi oluşturabildikleri bu havuzlara topluluk üyelerini davet edebilir oluşturulan havuzun misyonu doğrultusunda çöpçatanlık veya buluşma gibi platformlar tasarlayabilirler. Son kullanıcılar ise kendilerine en uygun havuzu seçerek platforma katılabilir ve platformdaki diğer kullanıcılarla bağlantıya geçebilirler.

Matcpoolda tamamen Özgür ve Merkezi olmayan bir yapı benimsenmiştir. Platformu kullanan herkes kendi havuzunu kurabilir yönetebilir ve havuzunun kuralları kendisi belirleyebilir. Continue reading “Matchpool – İnsanları Birbirine Bağlar – ICO 25 Mart’ta”

Edgeless %0 House Edge %100 Transparent Online Casino

Have you ever played on online casino?

Nowadays we have 2 kind of online casinos. Classic online casinos which has big house edges ( up to 5 to 10%) also deposits and withdrawals
are so hard. Especially withdrawals takes sometimes over a week. Also they are not transparent.

Than with cryptocurrencies we start to see 2nd type of online casinos with that house edges went down 1% even lower. Also deposit and withdrawals are so fast. But also this casinos are not transparent. Now its new Era!

With Ethereum smart contract we have a casino fully transparent, so fast deposits and withdrawals and house edge 0%(yes its 0%) and
itsDecentralized. Its EDGELESS CASINO. And now you have chance for be a partner be a shareholder for this casino tru
40% of profit will go to Edgeless Prize Pool. 

There is special lottery game on this pool and shareholderscan use EDG tokens for get this prize.
Edgeless casino 100% transparent so there is no cheat no bullshit. Cause its under Ethereum smart contract. You cant effect this from the outside. Continue reading “Edgeless %0 House Edge %100 Transparent Online Casino”


253168-the-u-s-securities-and-exchange-commission-logo-adorns-an-office-door-A decision by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whether to approve the Winkelvoss Bitcoin ETF (COIN) is scheduled for Saturday, March 11th.

SEC controls and regulations currently deny wholesale investors access to the Bitcoin markets. If the SEC gives its approval then it opens the gate to funds and money managers to take positions on Bitcoin. Expect a trading frenzy either way.

The consensus is that if COIN receives approval then there will be a leap in the Bitcoin price. If it is denied, then there will be a slump (but by a smaller absolute amount). Currently, the consensus is that approval is unlikely.

Why is approval unlikely? One reason: it’s thought that the regulators might balk at a conflict of interest built into the design of COIN, said Spencer Bogart of Needham & Co. brokerage, to the Wall Street Journal. He explained: Continue reading “SEC TO DECIDE ON BITCOIN ETF”

Edgeless %0 House Edge %100 Şeffaf Online Casino Projesi


Şuan oynamaya müsait ve çalışan slot oyununu adresine girerek inceleyebilirsiniz. Ethereum akıllı kontrat teknoloji sayesinde tamamen merkezsiz ve Şeffaf bir casino ortamı sunuyor.

Ön satış 28 Şubat – 21 Mart tarihlare arasında devam edecek ve göründüğü üzere 50.000 ilk fonlama aşaması geçilmiş durumda.Ön satışa adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz.

Edgeless Casino online kumar sektöründe bir devrimi getiriyor ve her ay edgeles casino karlarının %40 ı “Edgeles Lounge”a gider (Akıllı Sözleşmeler ile Garanti Altına Alınmıştır.) Her ay tüm edgeles token sahipleri edgeles lounge’a katılabilir ve %40 Casino karı elde edebilir.

Edgeles Casino( Ethereum Kontrat tabanlı merkezsiz bir casinodur ve %0 oranında bir house edge ile çalışıyor bu sayede online kumar sektöründeki şeffaflık sorununa çözüm getirmiş oluyor. Continue reading “Edgeless %0 House Edge %100 Şeffaf Online Casino Projesi”

Incent is born

After a successful ICO, in which we collected 1,094 BTC and 1,148,558 WAVES (total value at the time, around $1.1 million) from 824 investors, it was time to create the Incent token and distribute it to our supporters!

The origins of bitcoin are lost in the mists of time. Possibly Dave Kleiman had something to do with it, possibly Hal Finney and maybe even Craig Wright, but we may never really know for sure.

Not so with Incent! Just so there’s no confusion, Rob and Pete documented the process. The Waves API makes life really nice and simple, and along with some custom code from Pete it was all pretty painless.

A thorough audit of funds collected at ICO confirmed that the total number of Incent to create was 46,016,625. It’s created as a non-reissuable asset on Waves, which means it’s impossible to increase supply. This is really important: it’s a deflationary currency and we think that’s critical in maintaining the Open Value of the token. That’s all the Incent there will ever be.

We have now distributed the majority of Incent to our ICO investors — thank you for your patience over the Christmas break. Distribution is a manual process, for security reasons. There are a few holders who haven’t claimed their Incent. If that’s you, please include your Waves address in your ICO area and you should receive your Incent in the next distribution tranche. If you think there’s been a problem somewhere, please swing over to our Slack and we’ll get it sorted asap. Continue reading “Incent is born”

What is Lisk? And what it isn’t!

Since the launch of Lisk there was a lot of confusion about what it really is, and what it enables people to do in the future. This is partly our fault because during the ICO we advertised Lisk within other cryptocurrency communities, and we still haven’t released our vision paper. With this blog post I want to clean up some misunderstandings, and explain briefly what Lisk is and what it isn’t.


There are various misunderstandings, myths, and other wrong facts about Lisk being circulated around. So let’s clean up the most prominent ones.

Lisk is a fork of Ethereum!

No! The Lisk code base was forked from the Crypti project Oliver and I were a part of for 18 months before we started Lisk.
About 2 years ago Crypti collected 750 BTC in order to develop a blockchain application platform. In the end the Crypti
foundation developed a code base which was a good starting point for a new project. However, for the ultimate goal the
available financial reserves were simply not enough to develop the idea to its fullest extent, even though it was managed extremely carefully. Oliver and I saw the potential and decided to take over, giving Crypti holders an exit opportunity, and giving the world the decentralized blockchain application platform it deserves. To get a more detailed understanding why Lisk is different than Ethereum, continue reading. Continue reading “What is Lisk? And what it isn’t!”

What Is Waves and Why Is It Great?
 Unlike many other crypto-initiatives, the Waves platform has unique real use cases that prove to be superior to the substitute centralized services of the current time. There might be a lot use cases for it, but let me tell you the most prevalent and featured ones.

First of all, we need to understand the underlying technology. It’s asset-to-asset trading. That simple, actually. But the opportunities this feature will bring about is countless and enormous. It means that you will be able to create your own asset (like you can do with Counterparty or Nxt), and trade it against other assets created by others.

Now let’s take a look at the real use cases.

1) Fiat integration: If a financial company creates its own asset and says that “I will sell this token for 1 USD and also buy it back at the same price,” and comes up with a legal document showing its liability for the convertibility of the asset into real USD, then that asset is the USD-token. Its value is 1 USD, backed by real USD held in the bank account of that financial institution.

Now it means that you can trade any crypto-asset created in the platform against that USD-token. What are those assets in the platform? BTC, for instance, or ETH. So it means there is no need to worry about the reliability and security of the centralized exchanges. Bitfinex, Poloniex, Coinbase etc… In those hackable systems, you store your cryptos in hot wallets, and pay tons of transaction fees. But when you trade in the decentralized exchange of the Waves platform, you will hold your cryptos as well as your fiat in your Waves wallet, and the trading fees are just the network fees of the platform, that is, a few cents. Continue reading “What Is Waves and Why Is It Great?”