Orocrypt – Digitized Precious Metals on the Ethereum Blockchain

Since the first money created, beginning of the  world economics , gold always be valued and keep the importance on economics. Nowadays its become more important, cause it shows the countries economical powers. Its not a just a jewelery item, its also shows power of the economics.

The suppy of gold  is around 4,000 ton per year now(average of last 10 years) Total mine supply,which is the sum of mine production and net producer hedging ,accounts for two-thirds of total supply. Recycled gold accounts for the remaining third.
Because of gold cant indestructible, every year  it’s becoming more. Since from the beginning nearly all of the mined gold still on use. At 2015 total supply of gold is 186,700 tons. Most of it used,melted down and reused. So recycling of gold is very important part of gold market dynamics.

Orocrypt first product – Gold Tokens

End of the share token sale, company will produce 30 grams of LMBA quality gold tokens at the Q4 of 2017. This tokens will be referred as Orocrypt Gold Token(ORO.G). They will be registered under ethereum blockchain and owners can keep them under ethereum wallets. It will be just like a token so it will be transfarable and will sell under markets. Also holders can convert it to real physical gold tru transparent and simple procedures

Who is Orocrypt?

Orocrypt Inc, is a company based on Panama and its legally registered. Orocrypt will comply with all Panamanian regulations concerning precious metals merchants, as established by the Sujetos Obligados No Financieros, of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Token Sale

Capital of Orocrypt divided to 1,112,000 shares

Class A- 845,118Each share equals to 1 vote

Class B – 266,882 Each share equals to 10 votes. And also this class can convertible to Class A stock any time. And no additional Class B shares will be creates after sale. But they can be convert to Class A shares upon request.

The rights of Class A and B stocks are same  except voting ratios. Both class have economic benefits. On any event of companys merger, sale or ipo each class B will be converted to Class A share.
For the sale only Class A shares will be avaible for purchase
Orocrypt Inc selling 500,000 Class A tokenized shares representing 45% of the total

company’s equity. This benefit is investing to Orocryptr. Each token will be 9€ and sale will be finish after this 500,000 token.

Share Selling Period

500,000 Class A share will sold during period for 9€ each which represent 45% of the company.

Orocrypt Inc named under OROC  in exchanges

Starting date for share token sale will be June 14th 2017 and it will continue for a month or until all share tokens are sold.
First come, First Serve basis apply

For buying shares at Orocrypt token sale, Please visit https://orocrypt.com/#token_sale

Website : https://orocrypt.com/#
Whitepaper: https://orocrypt.com/docs/whitepaper.pdf

Orocrypt Bitcointalk account – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=160727
Follow Orocrypt Inc on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/orocrypt
Follow Orocrypt Inc on Twitter – https://twitter.com/orocrypt
Orocrypt Inc Whitepaper Here – https://orocrypt.com/#documents


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