Matchpool Connecting People ICO Starts March 25th

What is Matchpool? I will try to explain as easy as I can. Nowadays there is a lot of dating sites and apps on live. But its hard to reach right person on this sites and applications. But on Matchpool its different. Matchpool is a matching pool which is created by users and also could create their own group pools. It creates connections between users. By this way you can create pools with and age same interest and location limits. So when you join on pool, you already know what type of people is in this group.
Users can invite people to their pools. With the same interest this users can create dates, meetings and create new connections with new people. Even except dating you can use this pools for selling or getting ideas from other people. Rules on pools can created by user who creates the pool.
Imagine a group age between 25-35. On a specific city and has common interests. Isn’t it sound exiting?

Matchpool is totally decentralized on holding datas. So hackers can not hack all the users data. And users demographics are private so it only reveals to other people with the  users explicit consent. Undesirable pools could be created also for that matchpool can not control. But with the software people can select good pools from bad pools.

Guppies(GUP) is the token used at Matchpool.AS matchpool whitepaper “ Basic unit in Matchpool is a pool, which features a
Slack-like public chat interface as well as the ability to send private messages along with other features including a wallet.
Pools are established by matchmakers in two ways. The first way is to reserve in escrow a certain number of Matchpool tokens (“guppies”) which is held in the pool for the duration that it is open. The second method is simply that users who have achieved a certain number of arrows from matching people in other pools. Since successful matchmaking is a vital component of the public reputation of pools and the network as a whole, it is important that new pools should be started by people who have a successful track record.”

During creating pools except demographics users can set also fee’s to the pools. And for example for women pool fee could be lower than men. So at the same time even you can earn money in this pools.
First 250.000 users will rewarded with GUP’s. With that before spending money on pools you can free to enter pools and you will have enough  gup for 2 months to see pool is worth or not.

If you really interested on matchpool and want to get all informations about matchpool, you can read whitepaper by clicking here.

On matchpool ico site you can get answers for all your questions which you can go try

Crowdsale start in


Also you can buy GUP’s from ico. It will be start March 25th. Total duration of crowdfund will be 28 days and on first hour 1 Ether will buy 120 GUP. Than for first 3 days it will be 110 GUP. After that it will be100 GUP and after 2 weeks it will be 90 GUP till end.
It is the first project under crypto coins. So I’m expecting high demand on especially on first hours of the ico starts. Even ico could be finish before the 28 days cause just 60million GUP is avaible for ico crowdsale


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