Incent is born

After a successful ICO, in which we collected 1,094 BTC and 1,148,558 WAVES (total value at the time, around $1.1 million) from 824 investors, it was time to create the Incent token and distribute it to our supporters!

The origins of bitcoin are lost in the mists of time. Possibly Dave Kleiman had something to do with it, possibly Hal Finney and maybe even Craig Wright, but we may never really know for sure.

Not so with Incent! Just so there’s no confusion, Rob and Pete documented the process. The Waves API makes life really nice and simple, and along with some custom code from Pete it was all pretty painless.

A thorough audit of funds collected at ICO confirmed that the total number of Incent to create was 46,016,625. It’s created as a non-reissuable asset on Waves, which means it’s impossible to increase supply. This is really important: it’s a deflationary currency and we think that’s critical in maintaining the Open Value of the token. That’s all the Incent there will ever be.

We have now distributed the majority of Incent to our ICO investors — thank you for your patience over the Christmas break. Distribution is a manual process, for security reasons. There are a few holders who haven’t claimed their Incent. If that’s you, please include your Waves address in your ICO area and you should receive your Incent in the next distribution tranche. If you think there’s been a problem somewhere, please swing over to our Slack and we’ll get it sorted asap. Continue reading “Incent is born”