What is Lisk? And what it isn’t!

Since the launch of Lisk there was a lot of confusion about what it really is, and what it enables people to do in the future. This is partly our fault because during the ICO we advertised Lisk within other cryptocurrency communities, and we still haven’t released our vision paper. With this blog post I want to clean up some misunderstandings, and explain briefly what Lisk is and what it isn’t.


There are various misunderstandings, myths, and other wrong facts about Lisk being circulated around. So let’s clean up the most prominent ones.

Lisk is a fork of Ethereum!

No! The Lisk code base was forked from the Crypti project Oliver and I were a part of for 18 months before we started Lisk.
About 2 years ago Crypti collected 750 BTC in order to develop a blockchain application platform. In the end the Crypti
foundation developed a code base which was a good starting point for a new project. However, for the ultimate goal the
available financial reserves were simply not enough to develop the idea to its fullest extent, even though it was managed extremely carefully. Oliver and I saw the potential and decided to take over, giving Crypti holders an exit opportunity, and giving the world the decentralized blockchain application platform it deserves. To get a more detailed understanding why Lisk is different than Ethereum, continue reading. Continue reading “What is Lisk? And what it isn’t!”